Hold on this one is going to be a long one…

In the beginning it was Water & Bone.  Then it became Coda Ramen. Altogether it’s been 5 years since I began this journey, and it has not been easy. Operating a small business successfully means huge sacrifices, sacrifices of family time, free time, and friendships. It’s a cost you cannot put a value on, and it’s gone forever. Some days it's hard to know where your kitchen towel is.
The journey has been an incredible one. The relationships created, the amazing people with the same vision who worked with us, and the guests who returned night after night to enjoy our food and service fill me with a gratitude for which there are no words.
To say the past 2 years have been tough is a gross understatement. Starting over in the middle of a pandemic was risky, trying something new with wages and tips at the same time doubly risky. However, it was successful because of the support of family, friends and slurpers, not to mention Ratinaud and Fred Tandy for making the space possible. I will be forever grateful for everyone.  It is with very mixed emotions that I announce the need to scale back Coda Ramen, for personal reasons, and move forward to the next stage of life.
I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
Please be advised that our final Service will be Sunday October 17th.  We will not be accepting reservations, Starting Wednesday, September 29, we will be open for walk-in diners only.
If you are in possession of Coda Ramen gift cards, please redeem them prior to October 17, 2021.  If you are unable to redeem them prior to that time, we will refund the cash value up to and including 30 November, 2021
Don’t panic! Coda ramen will carry on making home ramen, doing the occasional pop-up and other events. Please keep following us on Instagram and Facebook pages for updates!
To all my friends, colleagues, partners, and ramen heads in the ramen community you have made us feel a part of something very special.  I hope one day to sling, or slurp noodles with each and every one of you from Essex to Orange County and beyond. Keep inspiring, challenging and changing!

So long and thanks for all the slurps